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Jay Rodney Lewis Stood His Ground

The case of Jay Rodney Lewis illustrates why stand your ground laws are necessary. Lewis’s Story: After a car behind him rear-ended his car, the occupants got out and began acting in a threatening manner. Lewis pulled out a small pistol and repeatedly warned the primary attacker not to come any closer. The attacker acted like he was backing away, but suddenly charged Lewis, whereupon Lewis fired a shot, causing the attacker to fall to the ground where cops would later find him. The attacker was not killed and recovered from the gunshot wound. A jury found Lewis not guilty, but not before he lost his home, his job, and spent a month in jail thanks to liberal anti-gun government. However, things could be a lot worse for Lewis if he hadn’t stood … Read entire article »


Rubio Betrays Tea Party with Amnesty Vote

Some speculate that the reason Marco Rubio voted for the Senate Amnesty bill, which will now go to the House for a vote, is that he feels a connection to its would-be beneficiaries since many are Cuban like him, but this does not explain why Ted Cruz, also a Cuban, voted against it. The difference between Cruz and Rubio is that Rubio’s inclinations were never in step with the Tea Party because he has been an establishment hack from day one. It seems he was plugged into a presidential springboard in Florida, a slot which had previously been occupied by Jeb Bush whose presidential potential was ruined by his brother’s mounting unpopularity at the end of his … Read entire article »

Laura Ingraham Stands Up to Sabre Rattlers over Syria

While establishment Republicans such as John McCain push for war in Syria, radio show host Laura Ingraham said getting involved in another skirmish would be detrimental the the United States. She continued that that we should conserve resources, including military resources. This represents a small but significant break from the only policy which Republicans have successfully implemented in the past 15 years: starting new wars. Perhaps if the GOP had instead taken up domestic Tea Party concerns such as securing the borders or cutting spending, one of these objectives may have been accomplished. But the establishment GOP cares more about war-profiteering, getting campaign money from militant Zionists like Sheldon Adelson, and increasing the black hole of money squandering … Read entire article »

Dick Durbin’s Proposed Sedition Act?

The Blogosphere has unanimously condemned extremist Dick Durbin for questioning whether bloggers are “entitled” to freedom of the press under the first amendment of the US Constitution.¹ The only reason Durbin would call into question a right that most of us assume to be obvious is that he wishes to curtail it. To add insult to injury, he implied that a scaling back of bloggers’ rights would be a modern-day reform to an antiquated 200 year-old document. However, scaling back freedom of speech is a far older idea. The penning of first amendment was inspired by millennia of government suppression of free speech. An example from the ancient world is the case of Aesop, the writer of Aesop’s … Read entire article »

Don’t Mean to ‘Rubio the Wrong Way’ on Amnesty

In February 2011, Marco Rubio refused to join the Tea Party Caucus because according to him: “if you start creating these little clubs or organizations in Washington run by politicians, the movement starts to lose its energy,” which may harm its “grassroots nature.” It’s very interesting that Rubio would appeal to the Tea Party’s grassroots quality, when as of late he has been pushing for an Amnesty bill. There is very little grassroots support for amnesty in the tea party aside from a few libertarian-minded fellow travelers like Judge Andrew Napolitano, and even they support it passively. A survey of the Tea Party would reveal that most activists oppose amnesty and want the government to quit pretending to secure … Read entire article »

Why the IRS Targeted the Tea Party

“Abolish the IRS”, “What Income Tax?” Liberty-oriented segments of the Tea Party have been known to sport such signs in opposition to the Federal income tax. Tea Party presidential candidates Herman Cain and Ron Paul campaigned on getting rid of the income tax. A small number of tea party activists even dispute whether there is a law on the books which justifies it. The IRS targeted tea party activists because many of them want remove the income tax and most desire significant simplification the tax code. Both options would mean less work for the IRS and therefore fewer IRS jobs and less funding. Hence, the IRS acts in its own self-interest by not remaining impartial as it … Read entire article »

Snakebitten on 9/11: A Comparison of Neo-con and Waoroni Justifications for War

Just as the Neo-cons used angst over 9/11 to gain support for the Iraq war, the Waorani people used snakebites to justify murdering their enemies. Anthropologists cite the Waorani as having been one of the most war-like people on the planet. Clans were constantly at war with neighboring clans. Although they seem primitive, these natives of the Ecuadorian rainforest have a lot in common with our neo-con friends, especially when it comes to justifying war. Paul Wolfowitz (Left), Wao man (Right). The two men above have more in common than meets the eye. The scenario would often play out like this. The Waorani lived in small clans in the Ecuadorian dense jungle. As in any tropical rain forest, poisonous … Read entire article »

Media Pushing Stories Conducive to Growing Government

Shootings and terrorist attacks. The media has a fixation with these incidents. The recent bombing in Boston is no exception. The media can’t get enough of it. Three people died, and it’s being reported as if no one ever dies unexpectedly. Not to belittle the tragedy, but the reality is that far more people will die due to tornadoes this year. More will die from snakebites and bee stings. If the media made as much ado about these incidents, people would walk around on stilts in bee keeper suits yearning to duck into basements. It could be argued that deaths from tornadoes are more expected than those from terrorist attacks because tornadoes can usually be anticipated based … Read entire article »

US Citizens Alone Have the Right to Determine US Immigration Policy

In granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, the United States effectively forfeits the right to determine immigration policy to whoever is able to sneak in. The US used to be in control of its immigration policy. With the immigration act of 1965, legislators drew up a plan to institute new regulations on immigration. They did not say to themselves: “We have no right to say who can become a citizen or live in the country, so let’s allow anyone to come.” Rather, they set forth with a program to regulate immigration according to the attributes they saw fit. Some lawmakers disagreed with the plan, but the legislative process was carried out properly, and the public did … Read entire article »

Talk Radio Neo-cons Won’t Include Rand Paul’s Name in News of his Filibuster

As of 1:54 AM ET, the websites of Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham have no mention of Rand Paul’s name in reference to his historic filibuster. Levin’s webmaster awkwardly got around writing the name of Rand Paul by referring to his filibuster as “the filibuster that had been going on all day”. Astonishingly, Laura Ingraham has no reference whatsoever to drones, Rand Paul, or any filibuster at all. Sean Hannity and Michael Savage’s sites refer to Rand Paul but only at the middle of their homepages, and they do not put his name as the headline. To his credit, Rush Limbaugh has “Paul filibusters John Brennan” and Rand actually looks decent in the picture. I have screenshots of their sites within an … Read entire article »